EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS Cadiz C.F. stole the promotion to 155 fans

On several occasions, the photojournalist Diego Crespo, has given us some of his photos to make various designs.

Last Sunday he was working in the Carranza, and has given exclusively for us these pictures where thanks to the metadata of the images we can see the minute, and the way the stands are filled by Real Oviedo fans without any type of organization by the police or Cádiz C.F, as well as evidence that Carranza was room for # Los155deCádiz

We saw a total lack of organization, if the police had no enough members inside the stadium may be because many of them were retaining 155 oviedistas without reason. Maybe somebody decided that was not good for the local club that the Real Oviedo fans engine entered. Carranza didn’t demonstrated their reputation of a roaring stadium. What is clear is that these 155 Symmachiarii taking the reins of the atmosphere would have ridiculed Carranza.

The displayed times comes from camera metadata, we have not cut or changed absolutely nothing in these photographs.

We want justice for our 155, this can not be repeated again


16:50 The doors opened and begin to enter the first oviedistas


17:07 In 17 minutes the main sector is almost full. To the left of the picture you can see policemen trying to move fans toward the center to let the free sector, just as it seems that the intention is that the yellow section on the right is empty to separate fans.


17:14 In seven minutes are already practically filled the two sectors, and looks perfectly bounded on the left by police a small portion, with the intention to be occupied by the Ultras of Real Oviedo. On the right we see a lone security guard watching the yellow section on the front lines while both sides are already mixing.


17:19 The sectors in the middle are complete, the police let the fans move by the front rows, and the yellow right sector begins to be occupied by the oviedistas


17:27 The Real Oviedo players comes out to make the warm-up exercises, police continue keeping the left sector of the ultras empty of people, but doesn’t control right where the Oviedo fans look set to fill the blue sector where there are several Cadiz fans.



17:44 Finally the blue section is opened and quickly filled by Real Oviedo fans.


17:47 All sectors are filled, and it seems that finally will occupy the right, where there are most Real Oviedo fans than local fans.



17:48 to 17:50 The police seem to try to move fans in the sector, but all are already mixed.


17:50 The panoramic picture shows the crowds mixed. Something incomprehensible in a declared high risk game.


17:59 The teams over the pitch


18:01 The match kicked off, you can see the police coming down the last aisle


18:07 in this image can be seen perfectly empty seats but do not dare to make people move, and let the people stay



18:40 and 18:41 the entire first half without doing anything, leaving the sector with fans of both teams, when they could move people to occupy free seats that can be seen in the second picture



19:17 David Fernandez has scored the most important goal in recent years and #Los155deCádiz were lost that emotional moment, while at the stadium there were empty seats as we saw, and all the free seats were in the sectors occupied by fans of Real Oviedo.

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